Full Size (II)

4+ Weeks
Siemens Arcadis Varic

Compact, ergonomic and flexibile. This C-Arm is most selected for use in pain, spine and orthopedic applications.

II Size: 9"
Max Power: 2.3 kW

$1300-$2350 / Month
In Stock
Philips BV Pulsera

Robust and customizable, valued for its power and economic cost. Widely used for multipurpose applications that require extended, powerful penetration.

II Size: 9" or 12"
Max Power: 7.5 or 15 kW

$1350-$2900 / Month
4+ Weeks
Siemens Arcadis Avantic

Most powerful and largest II based system on the market. Used for all applications, but is most valued for Vascular.

II Size: 13"
Max Power: 25 kW

$2150-$3800 / Month

Full Size (FD)

4+ Weeks
Philips Veradius

Digital Flat Detector for exceptional image quality at lower dose. Perfect for any clinical application.

FD Size: 10.3"
Max Power: 15 kW

$2450-$3900 / Month
In Stock Limited Special Pricing
Philips Veradius Neo

Improved C design that is especially helpful for accommodating bariatric patients and larger areas of anatomy.

FD Size: 10.3"
Max Power: 15 kW

$2250-$3600 / Month
4+ Weeks
Philips Veradius Unity

All new touchscreen tablet user interface for exceptional ease of use during image acquisition and postprocessing.

FD Size: 10.3"
Max Power: 15 kW

$3350-$5100 / Month


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