Full Size (II)

Siemens Arcadis Varic

Compact, ergonomic and flexibile. This C-Arm is most selected for use in pain, spine and orthopedic applications.

II Size: 9"
Max Power: 2.3 kW

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Philips BV Pulsera

Robust and customizable, valued for its power and economic cost. Widely used for multipurpose applications that require extended, powerful penetration.

II Size: 9" or 12"
Max Power: 7.5 or 15 kW

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Siemens Arcadis Avantic

Most powerful and largest II based system on the market. Used for all applications, but is most valued for Vascular.

II Size: 13"
Max Power: 25 kW

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Full Size (FD)

Philips Veradius

Digital Flat Detector for exceptional image quality at lower dose. Perfect for any clinical application.

FD Size: 10.3"
Max Power: 15 kW

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Philips Veradius Neo

Improved C design that is especially helpful for accommodating bariatric patients and larger areas of anatomy.

FD Size: 10.3"
Max Power: 15 kW

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Philips Veradius Unity

All new touchscreen tablet user interface for exceptional ease of use during image acquisition and postprocessing.

FD Size: 10.3"
Max Power: 15 kW

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Offering an innovative 10.3” Flat Detector that is unaffected by geometrical distortions, this system achieves new levels of excellence in the industry for image quality. With a large field of view and a powerful 15 kW generator, the Veradius family supports a wide range of procedures, such as lumbar spinal decompressions/fusions, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, neuro stimulation, minimally invasive surgery and more. Flat Detector technology offers a 1.6k x 1.4k image matrix with high resolution offering brilliant visualization of small catheters or stents in endovascular procedures. The Flat Detector is not affected by magnetic distortions so the system can be freely positioned, allowing you to carry out complex procedures with confidence and control.

Designed in collaboration with surgeons from around the world, the Veradius gives you and your staff the excellent image quality, ease of use, and radiation dose management features you need to increase your standard of care.


X-ray Generation
Rotating anode with active heat management
Nominal Power
15kW: 120kV, 125mA
Flat Detector
FD Resolution
1560x1420 pixels
User Interface
Two 17" LCD Flat Panel
(Primary monitor only)
C-Arm Monitor
12" Reference LCD
Free space within C-arm
+90° to -45°
C-arm depth
Source Image Distance
± 200°
Lowest lateral working position
Video Output
BNC, HDMI(Optional)
Networking (DICOM Optional)
USB(Image Export), S-Video Input
69" H x 32" W x 37" D
Workstation Weight
430 lbs
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